happyduck1979 (happyduck1979) wrote in maillecraze,

Hi there

Hello :)
Hi there,

I am not entirely a noob as I have been making and selling chainmaille jewelry for the last 18 months. Thankfully, I am able ot help support my family by doing what I love, and mailling is a big part of that. Feel fre to check out my website at www.phony-art.com.

I actually started a number ofyears ago doing wire scuplpture without pliers (I know, what was I thinking!) but have since smartened up somewhat. I saw recently on M.A.I.L. that there was a facebook group, and not being a facebook member decided to see if there was something comperable here, and this was one of the groups I came across. Some of the pieces are beautiful!

Anyhow, now that I have found y'all, I hope to be around a bit :)

Nice meeting everyone,

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