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An introduction of sorts

So, I've been doing chainmail for about 4 years now, making a business of it for 3. After being taught European 4-in-1, Half-Persian 3-in-1, and Full Persian, I figured out the rest for myself through experimentation and online tutorials. I suppose in that sense I am self-taught. I've only been doing wire-wrapping for the last few weeks. I was part of The Ring Lord's chainmail forum for about three years but decided to stop posting there for various reasons, though I do still ghost the forum from time to time. In recent months I've become active in Deviantart's chainmail, handcrafting, and metalworking groups as well as quite a few Yahoo groups having to do with chainmail. About a week ago now I stumbled upon the various chainmail groups on Livejournal to my attention and thus am making my introduction to them now.

Rather than going on and on (seeing as I've already written a paragraph now) I'll let my work speak for itself. The pieces I show here are especial favorites either of mine or of friends and customers. If you would like to see more examples of my work, please refer to the links listing at the end of this post.

Gallery (Through my other Livejournal account - the Wired Lace LJ account is for my business specifically, a kind of work log)
Wired Lace (My business website)
My Deviantart account where you can see not only the chainmail I've done but also some of the wire-wrapping.

I look forward to seeing what kind of activity there is in these communities. Thank you for your time.
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